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William Rose is the fourth born of the Rose children. At birth, he was given the gift of healing, and learning about the medicine of both his world and Earth has always been his passion.

He is often a viewpoint character in every book of the series.

William is married to Quinn Robbins Rose, and father to Samuel Owen Rose - the heir to the Philotheum throne.


Early Life

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Important Events

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Quinn Robbins Rose - William's wife.

Samuel Owen Rose - William's son. He is the heir to Philotheum and nearly one "cycle" old.

Thomas Rose - William's younger Brother. Twin brother of Linnea. Fifth-born child of the Rose Children.

Linnea Rose - William's younger sister. Twin sister of Thomas. Sixth-born child of the Rose Children.

Megan Robbins - William's mother-in-law. She works as a second grade teacher in Quinn's school.

Annie Robbins - Quinn's half-sister.

Owen Robbins - Quinn's half-brother. Owen has High-Funcitoning Autism. He doesn't always understand social situations, but he's smart and loves to read.

Tolliver Bowden - Enemy. He attacked Quinn on multiple occasions, kidnapped Thomas, and started a war with Eirentheos. He was killed as of the Leaves of Revolution.

Nathaniel Rose - William treats Nathaniel as an uncle, however Nathaniel is his wife's blood uncle. He is the fourth born prince of Philotheum.


Books William Appears In

Seeds of Discovery

Roots of Insight

Thorns of Decision

Blooms of Consequence

A Christmas Rose

Canes of Divergence

Leaves of Revolution