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Seeds of Discovery is the first book in the Dusk Gate Chronicles.

Plot Summary

Quinn Robbins is an average teenage girl that lives in a town called Bristlecone, Colorado with her mom(Megan Robbins), brother(Owen Robbins), and sister(Annie Robbins). That is, until she almost hits William Rose with her car. School continues and she should be able to go on with her life, but she just can't. Finally, she gives up and desides to follow him. He disappears into the night but on a whim she follows him over the bridge and into Eirentheos, a kingdom in a world called Deustreos. But most suprising of all: William Rose is a prince there. He brings her to his family's castle where she meets Queen Charlotte, King Stephan, Thomas Rose, Princess Linnea, the entire family. Although, not everything is as great as it seems. A strange illness is striking random children all over for no apparent reason. Quinn goes to the clinic with William and inadvertantly solves the mystery with a simple question. What's thwe difference between shadeweed poisoning and the illness? Then, she goes to one of the patients houses. She reads her the story of how King Philip ang King Aaron split the kingdom of Philotheum into Philotheum and Eirentheos. After reading it, the patient gets worse and Thomas gets shadeweed poisoning too. She tells William this when she returns to the clinic. Thomas is treated and starts to get better. Finally, she leaves back to go back home to her regular life.


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In order of appearance (or mention) in the book:

Places Mentioned in the Story

Bristlecone, Colorado

Home of the Robbins family

Denver, Colorado

Bristlecone High School

Pinespar, Colorado

Bristlecone K-8

Bristlecone Public Library

Nathaniel Rose's home on Bray Street