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Quinn Katriel Robbins Rose is the first viewpoint character to appear in the Dusk Gate Chronicles, and she remains a main viewpoint character throughout every book in the series.

In Seeds of Discovery, Quinn is sixteen the night she first sees William Rose disappear in a strange place near a river in Bristlecone, Colorado.

Quinn is the child of Megan Robbins and Samuel Rose, and also the step-daughter of Jeff Robbins. She has two younger half-siblings, Owen Robbins and Annie Robbins.

In Blooms of Consequence, Quinn turns seventeen and marries William Rose, and in A Christmas Rose, she gives birth to her first son, Samuel Owen Rose.


Megan Robbins - Quinn's mom. She works as a second grade teacher in Quinn's school.

Jeff Robbins - Quinn's step father. He works as a contractor, and in the first several books is working in Afghanistan. He is Annie and Owen's father.

Annie Robbins - Quinn's half-sister.

Owen Robbins - Quinn's half-brother. Owen has High-Funcitoning Autism. He doesn't always understand social situations, but he's smart and loves to read.

William Rose - Quinn's husband.

Samuel Owen Rose - Quinn's son. He is the heir to Philotheum and nearly one "cycle" old.

Thomas Rose - Quinn's Brother-in-law. William's younger brother. Twin brother of Linnea. Fifth-born child of the Rose Children.

Linnea Rose - Quinn's Sister-in-law. William's younger sister. Twin sister of Thomas. Sixth-born child of the Rose Children.

Tolliver Bowden - Enemy. He attacked her on multiple occasions, kidnapped Thomas, and started a war with Eirentheos. He was killed as of the Leaves of Revolution.

Nathaniel Rose - Quinn's uncle on her father's side. He is the fourth born prince of Philotheum.

Zander Cunningham - Quinn's childhood friend and ex boyfriend.

Abigail Chavez - Quinn's best friend in Bristlecone

Louis Chavez- Abigail's older brother. He is the police officer who came to the car accident on "black ice".



Quinn Robbins appears in every book of the series.


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