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Owen Robbins is the younger half-brother of Quinn Robbins (although no character in the series ever makes that distinction). His parents are Megan Robbins and Jeff Robbins. His younger sister is Annie Robbins.

In Seeds of Discovery, Owen is noted as being seven years old, but in later books he is said to be eight. He is in second grade at Bristlecone K-8 and his mother is his teacher.

Owen has high-functioning autism.

Owen shares a special connection with his older sister, Quinn, sometimes to the point of communicating with her in dreams, even when she is in a different world than he is. Owen is very quiet and observant, and he sometimes makes some very profound observations.

Owen also appears to have some kind of special connection with Alvin.

Owen appears in some form in every book in the series as a major character, although there are no scenes told from his point of view.

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