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Welcome to the Dusk Gate Chronicles Wiki

This wiki is about The Dusk Gate Chronicles, a series of books by Breeana Puttroff, about a
character named Quinn Robbins who discovers a hidden gate to a different world


Robbins Family

Bristlecone Friends

Royal Family in Eirentheos
(see also The Rose Children)

King Stephen

Queen Charlotte

Simon Rose

Evelyn Rose

Ryan Rose

Maxwell Rose




William Rose

Quinn Katriel Robbins Rose

Samuel Owen Rose

Thomas Rose

Linnea Rose Westbrook

Benjamin Westbrook

Benjamin Thomas Westbrook

Adeline Charlotte Westbrook

Joshua Rose

Daniel Rose

Emma Rose

Alex Rose

Alice Rose

Sarah Rose

Hannah Rose

Other Key Characters in Eirentheos

Mia Willoughby



Guards of Eirentheos

Luke Willoughby

Guards of Philotheum

Marcus Westbrook

Benjamin Westbrook

Dorian Blackwelder

James Blackwelder

Ethan Power

Kian Mondragon


Skittles, William's mare

Dusk, Quinn's mare

Storm, Thomas's horse

Snow, Linnea's mare

Ember, Zander's horse

Seeker Birds
(in order of appearance)

Aelwyn, William's companion bird

Sirian, Thomas's companion bird

Aidel, Nathaniel's companion bird

Raeyan, Quinn's companion bird

Zylia, Linnea's companion bird

Larya, Zander's companion bird

Royal Family in Philotheum

King Jonathan

Hector Bowden

Queen Sophia

Samuel Rose (also Samuel Barten)

Ellen Rose Fisher

Henry Fisher

Charles Rose

Thea Rose

Gianna Rose

(at least one other child)

Nathaniel Rose

Jonathan Rose

Tolliver Bowden

Other Key Characters in Philotheum


Callum Haddon

Tobias Sheppard



Quinn (Baby)

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